by bad heaven ltd.

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released August 2, 2019

Produced by Bad Heaven Ltd. and Evan Bernard
Engineered by Evan Bernard
Recorded and Mixed by Evan Bernard at Big Mama's Recording, April-October 2018, Philadelphia
Mastered by Andy Clarke

All songs by John Galm and Bad Heaven Ltd.


all rights reserved



bad heaven ltd. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: inp
don’t rush i’ll wait bring your mistakes i met you standing on i’m at your window it’s not too late night’s just a name for when the day is done that’s not a reason we have to wait and i know that evening’s empire won’t absolve this place i’ll burn three cigarettes and you can call it sage i’ll sigh a benediction after all it’s praise for thee
Track Name: almost
old enough to label young enough to lead you on way more lost than stable
way more depth than drawn upon it’s almost better now i’m freaking out alex is lonely they think that their body is worthless it’s hard to stay hopeful when you think that you lack a purpose i saw them swerving i kept to myself so it hurt less alex passed quickly i think that they blanked me on purpose
Track Name: strength
strength beyond strength found my way home slept out on the porch tonight declare me the lucky one bitte ein kuss with this cigarette i'll smudge the beasts form a better one lucky and bored in love with you it’s reasonably fine i was not true try to be more we’ll see it through
Track Name: dung
he’ll wait for you i’m not one to open windows in the house empty door you’re creepin out peel back sunset hold still play dead search the morning for your car forget where you kept it parked wander circles around the town moments lost were never found
Track Name: stick around
you sat in the basement your timing is right still holding for purpose both poignant and worthless lay lost in familiars too stubborn to die pass out for the courage let god reassure us you and i oh no hang on to your failures take comfort my guy stick around may all of your favorites be with you tonight stick around
Track Name: 100
out of medication taking yours on loan bought a couple dollar cans on my walk home drank them on the sofa in the dark alone it’s 100 lonely hours with some more to go you were awful worried when they called your phone peering toward the glass and looking all alone left without a jacket won’t be long i’m told it’s 100 lonely hours with some more to go crooked floors and the pipes exposed leaking faucet is black with mold fuck your landlord it’s not their home i live for you and for you alone fell asleep on a pile of clothes gripped your blanket like a pillow box of wine with the bag exposed fuck your landlord it’s not their home
Track Name: new boy
cyn now i don’t know seems that i can’t let my mind go cyn now i don’t know drive home get stoned find faith in a love that i’ll never know drive home get stoned find fault in some friends that i really love i’m tired of packing my shit up leave it all unspoken i’m maxing out my bank account holy i’m exposed i’m sleeping over at your house you know that it’s no warning keep the door open if that’s alright you’re good for it i know
Track Name: cross
glad to see you floating on spaceship earth looking round the corner for what it’s worth heard they did ya dirty and left right then losing all your life well we’ll forfeit in the end i love you like a brother it never ends see you every weekend my only friend meet me at the party leave right away know we’re going nowhere but sometimes that’s ok build a cross to lift you up
Track Name: gold
split your cigarettes in parking lots smoke so big it burns my eyes passing often so it never stops wait til the evening comes and all of the lights turn gold hide in public like we’re too well known silence opens up the door make it outside go invisible wait til the evening comes and all of the lights turn gold
Track Name: forever
when you worry about the things i don’t remember you drag out the things that i tried to forget it’s not to say i wish i was a different person it’s just to say i wish i was a better friend when you learned to drive your father’s car last summer found you out of state with the transmission blown told the tow truck you were off to california called me wondering if i could bring you home i just hope that you’re in my life forever i thank every lucky star that you were born maybe later we can walk down by the water share a smoke and watch the current rumble on

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